How to Deal with Anxiety while you grow older?

Ageing seems to be a regressive process due to health issues and a cohort of negative emotions due to loneliness and other fears. The pent-up negative emotions can lead to Anxiety when we grow older.

In a pandemic scenario, it is common to have Generalized Anxiety Disorder having symptoms like headaches, stomach aches, lack of sleep, and sore muscles. As we grow older, we get restlessness, irritated and appetite changes as well due to Anxiety. One of the essential reasons for signs of Anxiety as we age is that we focus on physical health but neglect mental health.

Some of the worries in the ageing process are fear of living alone, health ailments, expenses related to health, responsibility and commitments, uncertainty in life, grief, and guilt due to inability.

A few coping mechanisms that will help you tackle anxiety better.

1. Active listening and Free talk

It is necessary to have a listener in your life without any judgment or suggestions. If someone is there to listen to us, there will be more positivity and create a comfort level to talk to them. It helps in inhibiting our fears and confusion.

2. Acceptance of one’s feelings and fears 

As we grow older, there are certain things that we cannot do. We need to accept our inabilities and stop worrying about things beyond our control. Fear is the precursor of Anxiety, and we need to deal with fear with confidence and clarity. Acceptance of one’s difficulties is a sign of strength, and it will be an effective coping mechanism to combat Anxiety.

3. Maintain a routine 

It is always a healthy sign to maintain a routine like a morning fitness sessions, early breakfast, healthy lunch, and minimal dinner as we grow older. You have 1 hour allocated for music or drawing or pursue anything that you like. This will energize your mind and soul, warding off the signs of Anxiety.

4. Be a supporter and mentor for youngsters.

As you grow older, you can share your experiences and lessons of life with youngsters and mentor them. This unearths the innate confidence and helps you to stay proud and happy revisiting your achievements. Mentoring youngster with your treasure box of experience has a positive effect on body and soul. This can also foster intergenerational relationships. Psychologically, you will feel young when you interact with a younger crowd.

5. Practice mindfulness 

The best way to evade Anxiety is to practice mindfulness to manage erratic emotions and fears. Some of the proven mindfulness techniques are meditation, therapy, a relaxing hot water spring bath, and journaling your daily experience. Some also find their solace in music, dance, or any other art form as a mindfulness technique.

6. Stay active and healthy. 

Exercise has a positive effect on aged people, and it is refreshing to attend fitness classes to pep up the blood flow. Regular walking, yoga, Zumba dance, aerobics can lift our spirits.

7. Revisit your favorite memories  

Isolation and boredom can manifest Anxiety as we grow older. Plan up reunions with friends or watch videos or albums and revisit your memories. Getting together can negate the harmful effect of worry and create happiness in the heart. It is always fun to relive your retro memories by watching old movies, listening to favorite classics, etc.

8. Learn new skills 

Learning new skills can engage the mind can help in focusing effectively on positive things. You can learn new skills like cooking, digital courses, Gardening etc. Surprise your family and friends with your newly acquired skills and make them happy.

9. Go for regular medical check-up’s

It is ideal to go for regular medical check-ups from 40 years and understand the ageing and health signs of the body. You can address the deficiencies through proper medications and exercises. Periodical medical check-ups can reassure any worry related to health.

10. Practice Calming strategies

It is best to practice calming strategies to ease symptoms of Anxiety. Breathing exercises are proven techniques for calming a worried soul. Aged people can breathe slowly and evenly to evade Anxiety with alternate cycles of inhalation and exhalation process. As we age, we can try calming strategies like tai chi or walking and water aerobics. Even listening to soothing sounds can provide a serene and peaceful environment for aged people. Some psychiatrists ask ageing people to listen to sounds of the ocean or birds or quiet music to soothe the restless mind.

We hope these tips will help you to cope up with anxiety issues while you grow older.