Can we measure the quality of life using mental health?
Mental health is one of the determinants of quality of life. Quality of life is driven by three parameters that attribute to positive aspects one way or the other.
Quality of life primarily depends on thoughts, relationships, and work-life balance, and mental health. In this blog, let us understand why mental health is essential for quality of life.

How does mental health influences Quality of Life?

The Quality of Life is affected due to mental illnesses like schizophrenia and depression. Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness with a debilitating course. It involves the cognitive and emotional quotient of the individual due to various emotional disturbances. Depression also has a regressive effect on the quality of life.

If a person is suffering from depression, his quality of life is affected due to adverse effects on work, interpersonal behaviour, and financial concerns and affect the complete functionality of the individual. Low quality of life can be due to disruption in family life, unstable employment, or any other psychological stress factors leading to mental illness.

Mental illness can be affected due to emotional factors like trauma or phobia, which can impact beyond any coping strategy. Even prolonged physical illness can lead to adverse impacts on mental health, and it also affects the Quality of Life. The quality of life can be measured in terms of an individual’s needs and aspirations. If an individual is withdrawing himself on the quality of life, he becomes insolent, emotionally unstable, and it affects the mental health and cognitive ability to a greater extent. The mental illness can lead to stress and anxiety and need proven coping mechanisms and adaptations to overcome it.
The quality of life takes a toll when the dimensions of life like control aspects, choices, perception, hope, etc., are not addressed effectively.

Important parameters that can help in improving the quality of life are listed below.

  • Ardent focus on the health
  • Feeling secured
  • Support from love and friendship
  • Independent approach
  • Progress
  • Enjoyment and pleasure.

Tips for better mental health and quality of life

  • Mental health is crucial, and it needs to be in good shape to gain successful life. We need to be in better mental health to rejoice in the success of our efforts
  • Suppose a person has mental health issues like sleep deprivation, stress, depression, phobias. In that case, there is much negativity around him, and challenges and problems surround his quality of life.
  • Mental health is to stay away from any dose of negativity and be optimistic to the core, and it enhances the quality of life to a greater extent.
  • It is ok to be a genuine and peaceful person rather than being deceptive and dishonest.
  • It is better to ignore things and emotions beyond one’s mind and start focusing on the positive aspects alone for better emotional health.
  • It is ideal to have a positive tribe of friends as confidants who can help in quick solutions to protect mental health.
  • Your relationships make you the person you desire to be, and it is critical to allocate adequate time for your loved ones.
  • One must adumbrate self to get engrossed in work and lose out badly on the relationships.
  • I feel more agreeably surprised to see people having an excellent and promising career but failing miserably in relationships.
  • You have lived well if you had to balance your relationships and earned rejoicing memories with them. It is proven that you will be happier and more satisfied if you have a reasonable and amicable relationship with your loved ones.
  • Lastly, a successful businessman in his death bed owning a fortune will not say that “I could have spent more time in office” but will regret not spending time with family.

These strategies will help improve the quality of life and liberate the shackled thoughts devouring your inner peace.
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