Meth and Drug Abuse Treatment Clinic in Bangalore METH ABUSE

Meth for short is a habit-forming stimulant drug which can be also known as chalk, crystal, and speed. Meth can at first cause a rush of good feelings but then users feel edgy, overly excited, angry or afraid. Use of meth can quickly lead to dependency which can cause medical problems such as:

  • High body temperature

  • Severe itching

  • Extreme weight loss

  • Meth Mouth’ – Broken teeth and dry mouth

  • Emotional and cognition problems

  • Anxiety

  • Confusion

The effects of meth usage can last a long time and be followed by a severe come-down, injecting the drug or smoking its crystalline form which leads to a very intense ‘high’ similar to that produced by cocaine but much longer lasting than the effects of cocaine. Regular use of meth can lead to a strong psychological dependency, with increased tolerance to the effects of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can include depression, anxiety and an intense craving to reuse the drug.


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Specialist Drug Counselling

  • Motivational Therapy


TMS is becoming a recognized treatment for Meth abuse.

TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, is a technique that can modulate the neural networks in the brain’s reward system, causing a break in the craving, bingeing and withdrawal cycle. TMS works by increasing or decreasing activity in the treatment regions of the brain.