Ms. Loveleena Sharma

M.Phil – Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologist – 5 Years’ of Experience

Lovleena Sharma is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who completed her M.Phil. in 2019 from Amity University Haryana. In her journey of 4 years as a Clinical Psychologist, she had the privilege of working across a spectrum of healthcare settings, from renowned IHBAS (Under the DMHP Programme) to esteemed institutions like Babu Jagjeevan Ram Hospital, Acharya Bhiksu Hospital, various Delhi Government dispensaries like DGD Chhatarpur and Timarpur, Delhi. This broadened her horizons and allowed me to serve diverse communities and witness their distinctive challenges. This environment provided her with invaluable exposure to a wide range of Psychiatric and Psychological cases, enriching her understanding of human behavior and mental health. Additionally, Working with the student population at Trinity Institute of Professional Studies, Dwarka enabled her to address issues such as exam stress management, relationship issues etc. Currently, she is contributing her expertise to Mindful TMS GK, where she brings 4 years of experience, a Passion for providing evidence-based therapy, and a commitment to ongoing professional development. she is dedicated to improving lives through a collaborative and compassionate approach. Areas of Expertise: OCD, Anxiety, Depression, De-addiction