Therapy for

Major Depressive Disorder

Major Depressive Disorder of MDD is a commonly observed and addressed mental health condition which can have a deep impact on a person’s overall health and well-being. The condition results in a feeling of complete letdown, disheartenment and a defeated attitude in the individual.

However, experts treating Depression explain that there is no need to panic as in the form of a wide range of Therapies, the issue of Depression can be successfully addressed.

The Role of Therapy in Depression Treatment

Eminent doctors specialized in Mental Healthcare, especially in Depression Therapy in Bangalore explain that Therapy, also known as Counselling forms an integral part of the treatment for Major Depressive Disorder.

The objective of Therapy is to address the issue of Depression by studying the body language, feelings and behaviour of a depressed individual and coming out with a suitable solution. Based on the complexity of the situation, your doctors will suggest the type of Therapy Suitable.


Different Types of Therapy for Depression (CBT, ACT and Interpersonal Therapy)

Depression is a condition which needs to be handled with acute care and a personal touch that can give the patient the adequate confidence and belief within himself. This is where, Mindful Neurocare continues to make an incredible difference in the lives of the affected individuals through customized Therapy programs.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT continues to be one of the most trusted and successful therapies which has proved very effective in treating severe conditions associated with anxiety and depression.

  • It stressed upon the need to clear negative thoughts that lead to
    taking drastic decisions.
  • It studies, thoughts, behaviour and feelings of an individual and comes
    out with a customized solution.
  • It helps in controlling flaring tempers and establishes a settled
    and stable mood.

Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT)

ACT is one of the unique therapies that has been accepted by many as
one of the formidable solutions for treating depression. ACT has a
systematic approach wherein:

  • It reforms you by thinking about the present, live in the present and not
    get depressed thinking about a distant future.
  • It helps you analyse situations before you respond and think
    before responding.
  •  It helps you create an identity for yourself within the society and
    behave accordingly.
  •  It removes unwanted feelings from your mind and makes your
    feel more positive.

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)

As the name suggests, IPT or Interpersonal Therapy is all about building
relationships and trust through communication. Expert Psychiatrist doc-
tors at Mindful Neurocare have had an excellent track record in adopting
this theory to the complete satisfaction of patients as:

  •  It focusses on improving communication skills and builds confidence
    while interacting.
  • It helps address key factors that can contribute to depression like mis
    understandings, isolation and sorrow.
  • It helps in enhancing networks and keeps your mind active.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

How Therapy works for Depression

ETherapy is an evidence-based treatment procedure that has successfully calmed a distressed and depressed individual:

  • It provides a supportive atmosphere to understand a depressed individual and get into the root cause of his condition.
  • It sets a platform for individuals to practice staying calms and developing a positive frame of mind to tackle symptoms.
  • It helps individuals adopt a positive  lifestyle.
  • With a compassionate approach, it helps individuals suffering from acute depression to regain their lost self.

Independent and Group Therapy Options

At Mindful TMS Neurocare, every individual patient is given the
best and most dedicated attention, when it comes to treating
Depression. Depending upon the type of treatment necessary.
We offer couple of options in the form of:

  • Individual Therapy option These are types of therapies that can be tailor made to suit every individual. One-to-one treatment options are available with the best and most experienced medical expert attending to you.
  • Group Therapy options In addition to an expert’s attention, group therapy options also allows you to engage in conversations with peers who face similar challenges or those who have seen it all and would like to share valuable inputs

Finding a therapist specializing in Depression

It all boils down to whom you chose for your treatment. Depression treatment in Bangalore yields the best result if you are seen by a specialist who is compassionate and has the passion to heal by stepping into your shoes.

  • Choose and expert with experience and skills.
  • Interact with people who have gone through the process and come out successful.
  • Look for references from friends and relatives.
  • Speak to potential therapists before saying yes.
  • Look out for a therapist residing close by to you as frequent visits are required.

A Note from Mindful TMS Neurocare
Therapy is being accepted widely as one of the most trusted treatments for depression. Reason being, it gives the best the best opportunity for your medical service provider to get close to you and understand your condition. To know how to effectively therapies can help in dealing with depression and root it out, schedule an appointment with our experienced psychiatrists at Mindful TMS Neurocare, who combine technology and expertise brilliantly and route out depression


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