To work through grief – 5 coping skills

Grief is a response to loss, particularly to the loss of someone or something that is not alive anymore to which a form on mental bond or affection was formed. Mostly focused on emotional response to loss but also has physical, cognitive, behavioural, social, culture, spiritual and philosophical approach.

If lost a loved one or a dear friend, you have been wounded deeply. These wounds mentally also require care that you give your body physically injured in an accident. Each human has a different way of handling grief, so just rely on yourself to create an atmosphere around you to heal. Be patient with others around you as they may not understand how exactly you feel.

As always said “time heals” which is wrong time does not heal, but there are ways that will gradually get you back into your life. It takes time to develop certain skills that will result in moving forward in life one step at a time.

  • Taking care of your body-

Firstly always make sure you keep your body hydrated keep drinking water and eat healthy food. You will need more body strength as you will be in grieve. If you cannot eat which is a common issue when in so much stress- try having some yogurt or soup. You can even try making coffee/tea for yourself and see how your body reacts to moments of your daily life.

  • Tell your story

Its always good to have a vent out your emotions which is never the first choice of anyone. It could be a friend or a family member or someone who you would be comfortable talking to and listening to.

  • Write a journal

Writing down your thoughts has been proven to be helpful. When you start writing down your thoughts there is no stop each and every fe0k30+ eling thought suggestion anger can be jotted down and slowly as days pass you can see the changes in oneself.

  • Exercise

May be people don’t consider this as a way to cope but the exertion while exercising calms your nerves and help your mind and body to relax. A short walk, cycling, gyming, swimming and if you have a pet than you have a buddy for a long walks and conversations.

  • Try mindfulness

Focusing on the moment you are can bring you peace, but meditation, prayers and relaxations techniques can help with sleep and worries. These methods can make you focus on managing your emotions and physical symptoms. Many propel find listening to music soothing. If you don’t like it for the first time try again life is also a journey keep trying and focusing on things at the moment and onwards.

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